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Design Hub Building Contracting LLC

12 Residential Villas

Mohammed Talal Ali Abbas Khouri

Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi2

Jumeirah-2 Residential Villas

Abdul Hameed Khouri

23 Residential Villas

Jumeirah 2 Dubai

26 Residential Villas

Muhammad Talal Abbas Al Khouri

Al Fannan Consultancy

Plot 102 , 103 Khalifa City A Abu Dhabi

Residential Villa

Abdulla Jumah Mohammed Ahmed Alyammi.

 Arcal Consulting Architec & Engineers

 Khalifa City A Abu Dhabi

Residential Villa

Abdul Hameed Khouri

Qeyas Engineering

Khalifa City A , Abu Dhabi

Haj Ali Villa

Haji Ali Abbas Al Khouri

Al Awael Consulting & Engineering

Muroor Abu Dhabi

Abdul Rehman Villa Interior Design

Abdul Rehman Villa

Jumeirah 2, Dubai

Camp Abu Dhabi

Eagle hills/Roberts construction

Killa Design

Near Maqta Bridge, Abu Dhabi

Sustainable City

Diamond Developers

Modular Design

Sustainable City Al Qudra Road

Abu Dhabi Villa

Ahmed Abdhullah Dilkaram Al hamadi

Villa 155B Shamkha Abu Dhabi

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    Design hub building contracting is one of the leading construction companies in the United Arab Emirates. For over 17 years, We have provided top-notch design and construction services, making us the ideal choice for anyone looking for quality construction solutions in the UAE. With a team of experienced professionals, Design hub contracting offers a full range of services from planning and design to construction and project management, ensuring that every client is satisfied with their construction needs.

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