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Design Hub Building Contracting LLC

General Contracting

Design Hub has an expertise in different construction project from materials, installation, assembling, construction drawing, procedure and specifications in UAE.

Design Hub has a professional team that is specialized to perform all portions of the construction works.

Design and build

Design Hub always considering the client’s needs and requirements that is why Design Hub comes out of the concept of design and build construction services that will offer competitive prices.

Design Hub determined that every work they accomplish will be successful because of the professional personnel from the designer up to the workers that can meet the client’s expectations.

Steel Structure fabrication

Design Hub has a qualified professional who are experienced in steel structure fabrication that can provide a strong foundation and stiff frame for the building, residential and commercial villas.

Design Hub reputation on the line can suggest if something would work better than what client currently asking for in fabrication of steel structure.


Landscaping Design

Design Hub will transform or renovate your backyard and front yard with your ideal design or from us Design Hub will help you to increase the value of your property or to refresh your place.

Design Hub has a plenty of ideas and design that can create you a landscape plan and sample designs. 


Fit Out Work

Design Hub considering how the interior space will be used and how the people will move through the space. Design Hub also specifies the materials and furnishing requirements need for any establishment they working on.

Maintenance Services

Design Hub has a service that support the design consultants to develop, maintain and improve every part of a building, residential and commercial villas. To retain, restore the utility and value of the facility.

Design Hub facilities management will ensure the good working condition and the maintenance services will be established.

Core Values

Design Hub is professionally committed to Building trust and saving our clients’ money through cost-effective solutions with a reputation for high quality and value services while making a fair profit.

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    Design Hub Building Contracting LLC

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    Design hub building contracting is one of the leading construction companies in the United Arab Emirates. For over 17 years, We have provided top-notch design and construction services, making us the ideal choice for anyone looking for quality construction solutions in the UAE. With a team of experienced professionals, Design hub contracting offers a full range of services from planning and design to construction and project management, ensuring that every client is satisfied with their construction needs.

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